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Question of the week!

Hi.  Please answer the question of the week:

During the NativeTruth Film Project Boot Camp—what was most interesting to you?

Thanks & have a great week.

Mid-Point Review

We will be postponing the mid-point review. A new date is in discussion.

Uploaded Vimeo Videos!


I have uploaded all of the footage shot with Brian last weekend. A DVD of the high quality video will be in the mail soon!


Exciting News

The work you have started and have yet to do has reached a national audience. Everyone is invited to attend one of the National Network regional meetings sometime in March 09 date and time yet to be announced to showcase and briefly talk about the work you did. If you are interested in participating please let me know.

Mid Review

It has been hammered down to two dates, November 23 and December 7 for possible midpoint review. Please let me know if any one of those dates work the best.